At JBC, we develop and share thinking that delivers innovation and promotes better building performance. We collaborate with architects, developers, and building owners to find the best constructible, cost-effective solutions.

We constantly evaluate and implement new technologies, processes, and ideas to realize new possibilities, and so that we can provide our clients with next-generation solutions. By adding value through innovations that address building performance, lowering costs and reducing impact on the environment, we deliver value and tangible results on every project.

Our commitment to using Revit puts us at the forefront of building design, construction and operation. We utilize the latest technologies to identify and address construction problems in advance in order to consistently deliver projects on-time and on-budget. Using a refined approach to advanced modeling also enables us to anticipate and facilitate the operation, maintenance and future renovation of even the most complex structures. By using Revit at its fullest capacity, we are able to maximize efficiency, lower risk and provide more value to our clients.

Combined with leading technical knowledge, insight, experience, and creativity allows us to move forward with unique design solutions that embrace performance advantages. Whether it’s a design, cost or scheduling challenge, our distinctive problem-solving skills give us the ability to explore and provide creative solutions at every turn that exceed client expectations.

  • Design of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.
  • Design of pedestrian bridges.
  • Design of marine structures including wharves and breakwaters.
  • Design in steel, concrete, masonry and wood structures.
  • Inspections and condition assessments of existing structures.
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management Services