JBC was born out of a philosophy of providing high quality, personal service in a timely manner while maintaining a focus and commitment to project budgets. JBC is committed to the concepts of sustainable engineering and ecological design, the intention of which is to reduce or completely eliminate negative environmental impact through skillful, sensitive design.

We have developed a range of expertise and a reputation for competence, professionalism and prompt service that meets the high standards of our customers.

Backed by decades of experience as consulting engineers, we’ve accomplished a great deal by taking building performance to new heights. Encompassing structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, our firm is primed to seamlessly deliver high performance engineering solutions to clients.

We have earned our reputation by applying our ingenuity in a wide variety of sectors, including:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • residential.

What we learn in one sector, we often apply in others. This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to successfully serve a variety of markets with very few limitations. We also work in any procurement method our clients specify: conventional design/bid/build; design/build; joint ventures; and P3.

Using best-in-class technology at every level is a hallmark of JBC. This includes industry-standard versions of AutoCAD and Revit for drawings. Specialized software performs HVAC load calculations, energy modeling, structural analysis, and lighting simulations. We also maintain a technical database of all projects since inception, including drawings, specifications, and shop drawings.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service on each and every project, but we especially invite projects that present unique challenges. We take on a wide range of work from small-scale projects to multi-million-dollar landmark projects. The qualities that separate JBC from other firms are our unique approach to creative solutions and problem-solving, and our dedication to sustainable, eco-friendly builds. Learn more about how we put these principles into practice by visiting our Projects section.

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Jewer Bailey Consultants has worked on a number of projects in a variety of markets and sectors. Click to learn more about these projects and see the work that we’ve done.

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